Liquid & Dry Bulk Surveyors, Samplers & Analysts, Tank Calibrators, Quantity & Quality Inspections, Aviation Services & Inspections


MED CONTROL started its operation in Greece in 1975 as an association of Engineers and Chemists offering technical consultancy, oil & cargo surveys, quantity and quality inspections, sampling, analyses and tank calibration services.

Soon after Med Control expanded its operations in cargo surveying offering, quantity and quality inspections, sampling and issuing of the relevant quality and quantity certificates. This change of course lead Med Control to be considered today a reliable independent inspection company which offers its customers high quality services in a wide range of dry and liquid / “wet” products traded in bulk or containerized. Our inspections are performed in cargoes such as crude oil and their products, fertilizers, chemicals, agricultural products, animal feedingstuffs, food and beverages, textiles, fruit etc. Our operational network through our main office at Megara, Greece covers all the local areas / ports (Piraeus, Eleusis, Corinth, Thessaloniki etc) while also operates in Cyprus, Lebanon (Beirut) and Syria (Damascus). Through our international network Med Control manages to provide its services to most European and Middle East countries including Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Albania, Turkey and Jordan.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to offer personalized and flexible services to the traders, buyers, sellers, charterers, ship & aircraft owners and operators, insurance companies and underwriters and provide the proper consultation in real time in order to enable them to understand the special procedures followed in each one of the areas and each one of the installations we operate.

MED CONTROL is committed to:

- protect your interests by offering first class independent and impartial inspection services

- guide and assist its clients to reach the source of the problem, if any, and solve it on the spot.

Main Activities

The main activities of MED CONTROL are :

- The inspections and analyses of liquid and dry cargoes, including bunker surveys and analyses, on/off hire bunker surveys, LPG, LNG, Liquefied Ammonia and LCG, petroleum and its products, food and agricultural cargoes, coal, cement, fertilizers, chemicals, machinery and equipment, consumer

goods, textiles, minerals and metals, pre-shipment and post-shipment inspections, animal feeding stuffs, ship and shore tanks' calibration, sampling and analysis and any other relevant work like bunker surveys, draft surveys, tallying, weighing and taring of trucks and lorries.

- Inspection, Loss Adjusting, Damage Surveys, Accident Investigations, Troublshooting, Maintenance & Repair of Airframes, Powerplants, Electrical Systems & Avionics in both Fixed and Rotary wing Aircrafts.

- Our offices are next to the main (marine) ports of each of the areas we operate and we could attend any of your requirements, round the clock, at the shortest possible notice.


In 1995, MED CONTROL diversified to the aviation business by merging with an association of Aviation Experts comprised of Aeronautical Engineers, Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics, Avionics Engineers, Pilots, Flight Instructors and Flight Examiners.

Our Aviation department offers fixed and rotary wing aircraft inspections, loss adjusting, damage surveys, accident investigations, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of airframe, powerplant, electrical systems and avionics.

Ground training is also offered to pilots and mechanics, as well as, flight training, flight skills evaluation & flight examinations are offered to pilots and flight instructors.

Consultation in drafting, implementing and evaluating the Manuals according to the relevant EASA requirements for Continuous Airworthiness of aircrafts (EASA Part-M), Aircraft Maintenance (EASA Part 145), and Flight Training Organizations (Registered Facilities and FTO' s).

Training of clients' maintenance and flight personnel is also available on request.